SOS Technologies (Scarpato Open Source Technologies Limited) specialises in web applications using Open Source Technologies to create web infrastructures and managed it solutions for whatever your business requires. We are based in Newport, work out of Cwmbran and South Wales.

Web Design

We can design websites specific for your requirements focusing on usability so your clients can view your products and services as smoothly as possible. We can whitelabel from other websites or using templates you have to setup your company website. We can also create your website based off a CMS of your preference e.g. Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla etc.

Web Infrastructure

We can setup your web infrastructure to give you robust and reliable website, server and email hosting at affordable prices so you can run your business without worrying about things you don't understand.

Internet Marketing

Depending on which industry you're in will vary on the type of internet marking to use. We've commercial experience in delivering internet marketing strategies using a combination of SEO, Google PPC, Bingads, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Facebook Marketing, SMS Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc.

Free Prototyping

For start-ups wishing to prove proof of concept we will create you a free prototype to show your investors a working model in preparation for investment.

Web Applications

Over the years we've design lots of web applications to high scalability to help run businesses. We are a firm believer in using technology for automation of tasks so your time can be better spent elsewhere. Below are a range of applications that have been built and could be tailored for your requirements today.

Insurance Broker Software - A full buy online solution with a backend to service and administer policies, with full reporting and MI capability. This is a full online web application similar to Opengi, CDL, SSP etc so you can offer any type of insurance.

Financial Services Software - A lending platform that runs full credit check on customers for an instant online decision using Teletrack to connect to Experian, Delphi, Visa etc. With a full backend so you can see how many loans you've issued and who've repaid and who hasn't.

Retail / Buy Online Software - Buy online sites connecting to Paypal, Worldpay, Sagepay, Go Cardless and Barclaycard to collect online payments for your goods and services.

Membership Software - Fully automated membership database that manages your members so their kept up to date with latest information, reminders to keep paying their subscription to give real time information on how many members you have.